Friday, February 3, 2012

Greetings festival fans! Here are a few snaps from my recent trip thru Indiana, during which I took meetings with folks in the community in New Harmony, we are working on web presence, partnering, and promotion: Postcards advertising the festival are under way, thanks to an architecture of Kent Schuette's named Scott Peters who is doing the design for us. (See photo below w/ Kent and Scott) Scott is working on a sustainability plan for the town of New Harmony: more signs that this wonderful place will increase its value and maintain its relevance as we move forward with our plans for 2012!

Be sure to stop by the web site as Jake Smith at Westrum & Brown continues to build our web presence! I will be collecting internet "links' to other NH destinations and services in the next weeks and the word of the month with regards to New Harmony, Indiana is "cross-promotion"! Here are some fun photos below including one of me in my current front yard in Moab Utah where I am teaching in the schools and producing the Eighth Annual Robert Burns Tribute Concert here! I serve as the Artist In Residence for The Moab Music Festival another wonderful destination for music lovers and an inspiration on how a music festival should operate. Also there is a photo of the New harmony Music Festival Staff Car(not really) as well as festival vol Jerry Wade, New Harmony Artists Guild member, Randy Pease, and two kindly bartenders at The New Harmony Inn/Red Gerainium Resto!